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We’re happy to share the new national partnership with Toyota Canada and the StopGap Foundation!

Toyota Canada made a $100,000 donation in support of StopGap’s School Project and to increase recognition of the foundation. The foundation’s goal is to raise awareness and create more accessibility and inclusion for all. StopGap provides bright coloured wooden ramps to businesses across Canada to help overcome the “one-step problem.” On behalf of Toyota Canada, please read the article below to learn more about their new community investment, and for more information on StopGap:

What is StopGap Foundation? What do they do?

StopGap Foundation is a registered Canadian charity that is raising awareness about the importance of accessibility and inclusion. The Foundation’s School Project, Community Ramp Project and Corporate Team building program help ensure that our society’s collective understanding, about how barriers to access hold so many people back from reaching their full potential, continues to advance and grow.

StopGap provides brightly coloured ramps to business owners across Canada to help them overcome what Executive Director and Co-Founder Luke Anderson calls the “one-step problem” – a single step outside a business that makes the entire building inaccessible to many people who use mobility aids.

The deployable custom wooden ramps – painted in bright colours to attract attention and build awareness – allow easier access for those who use mobility aids and anyone else who finds a stepped entryway challenging, including the elderly, parents with strollers and couriers. The simple-yet-impactful ramps help highlight the value of having a storefront that everyone can access and get communities thinking about great solutions to accessibility issues affecting so many Canadians.

“We will all experience a shift in the way we move, whether it’s becoming a parent, sustaining an injury, a job requirement, or simply aging,” Anderson says. “At some point in our lives, we will need to rely on a barrier-free amenity, so it’s important that our world is designed and built to accommodate these shifts to maximize independence and spontaneity.”

Brimell Toyota Supports the StopGap Foundation

Why is TCI supporting StopGap? What’s the connection to our business?

The partnership with Toyota Canada, now one of StopGap’s top funders, is rooted in shared values. Toyota’s vision of becoming a global mobility company is underpinned by the company’s commitment to creating a more inclusive society where everyone has access to mobility.

The support from Toyota will elevate StopGap Foundation’s impact and reach even more communities across Canada. Growing the School Project will also support the growth of the Community Ramp Project to create more barrier-free spaces, all while sparking an important dialogue to inspire a shift in the way Canadians think about disability and address accessibility challenges.

“StopGap is a visionary organization that, by implementing a simple yet highly effective solution, has opened up hundreds of businesses across the country to people living with a disability or limited mobility,” said Stephen Beatty, Vice President, Corporate, TCI. “Toyota Canada applauds StopGap’s important leadership in this space, and we look forward to joining them in their mission to make the world more inclusive through physical accessibility.”

Is this a new focus for TCI’s community investment?

While the Toyota Canada Foundation will continue to focus on supporting national STEM education programs like Actua and Let’s Talk Science, TCI is making inclusion through physical accessibility a focus of its corporate community investment program. The company will also continue to support Canadian Blood Services, Hema-Quebec, Canadian Red Cross disaster relief, and other important community organizations. (Note that this TCI corporate donation is separate from – and does not impact – any of the Dealer co-funded programs such as Canadian Blood Services / Hema-Quebec.) The company will also continue to support Canadian Red Cross disaster relief and other important community organizations.

To learn more about StopGap, click here: StopGap Foundation

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