Toyota’s Star Safety System

Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs come with lots of standard equipment like Bluetooth streaming audio, automatic headlamps, air conditioning, and keyless entry; but what really makes a difference, should you get involved in an emergency situation, is standard safety features that could help avoid a collision altogether. These six features come standard on every new Toyota vehicle sold in Canada.

Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicle stability control helps your car maintain a straight course by reducing engine power or applying brake force so that you keep control of your car’s handling.

Traction Control

By applying brake force to spinning wheels, you will ensure traction on wet, icy, loose, or uneven surfaces.

Anti-Lock Brake System

Even under hard braking, your Toyota’s computer prevents your tires from locking up so that you can maintain steering control during emergency manoeuvres.

Brake Assist

Brake Assist senses when the driver is applying sudden or “panic” braking and delivers full stopping pressure faster than a driver can.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution

EBD measures and distributes brake forces to all four wheels so that your car is more stable and balanced under hard stopping.

Smart Stop Technology

To eliminate the overlap of pressing the gas and the brake at the same time, SST reduces engine power when the brake is firmly pressed, bringing your car to a stop faster.