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Wheel and Tire Packages in Scarborough

Do you need to own a Toyota to get tires at a great price from Brimell Toyota? No! Our parts advisors have access to a huge warehouse of all types of wheels and tires that will fit your Chevrolet, Honda, Dodge, Hyundai, Ford, or Volkswagen. And if we don’t happen to have your size in stock, we can quickly order them in through our wholesaler in just a few days. Brimell Toyota Tire Centre in Scarborough, ON, stocks only the highest-rated tire brands from the leading manufacturers like Michelin, BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone, and many more.

What Kind of Tire Should I Buy?


All-season tires are the most common tires on vehicles in Ontario. All-seasons are shipped on most new cars, trucks, and SUVs. They balance road noise, fuel economy, and braking proficiency with a long tread life. All-seasons are designed for most city driving in North America, but are not meant for snow, temperatures below zero, or high-speed performance handling and braking.


All-Weather is a relatively new tire classification. All-weather tires are distinct from all-seasons in that they have Transport Canada’s mountain peak decal, which designates that the tires are appropriate for snow and winter driving. All-weather tires tend to be more expensive than all-seasons and ride a bit noisier and stiffer, but they offer better performance in the snow and cold.

Winter or Snow Tires

Due to the significant snowfall and sub-zero temperatures across Canada for much of the year, we recommend our customers install winter tires on their vehicles. The softer winter tire compound doesn’t harden up below zero like all-seasons, can grip easily through deep snow, and can stop 30% sooner on ice compared to all-seasons.

Summer Performance

Summer Performance tires are engineered for spirited performance driving above zero degrees. They have excellent stopping distances, provide a smooth ride, good wet weather grip, great cornering, and high-speed stability. These tires come shipped on most sports cars and vehicles with performance/track packages. However, summer performance tires are not safe to use in winter conditions.