10 Signs That Your Car Requires Servicing

May 17th, 2022 by

So, you own a Toyota car that you love driving around to enjoy the freedom that is on the road. But of course, your car is old, and you’re wondering when your car needs servicing. Apart from the typical annual servicing, you may already be sending your car to, there are signs telling you that your vehicle needs attention immediately!

What are those signs, you ask? Here are the common signs that your car requires servicing:

1. The Brakes Have Become Too Soft

When the brake pads lose their functionality, it is time to get them serviced. If the brake pedal and the vehicle come to a stop at the same time, then you are lucky. If the vehicle seems to come to a stop faster than the brake pedal does, you need to call a mechanic immediately.

2. The Oil Level Is Low

The oil is the most important part of your vehicle, as it keeps everything moving. This includes the engine, bearings, drives and transmission, so it needs to be functional at all times. If the light of your car is on, then it is a sign that your oil level is low.

3. Your Engine Is Making Too Much Noise

If you hear an unusual sound coming from the engine of your car, it could mean that your vehicle is having a bit of trouble. Contact your mechanic as soon as you hear a strange noise and the engine starts to overheat.

4. Something Has Been Bent, Broken Or Missing

The same is true when you notice that something is broken, missing or bent. If the service light is on, it means that the car needs work.

5. Your Steering Wheel Is Making A Lot Of Noise

If you hear a lot of noise coming from the steering and the vehicle is shaking from side to side, then it is time to check the condition of your vehicle.

6. The Vehicle Is Hard To Turn

It is difficult to explain, but if you find it hard to turn the steering wheel and the vehicle is shaking, it is a good indication that the vehicle is about to malfunction.

7. Your Vehicle Starts But Stops Within Seconds

It is not uncommon to have a vehicle that doesn’t start right away. But if this happens to you on more than one occasion and the vehicle stops within seconds, it is a sign that you need to have your car serviced soon.

8. Your Vehicle Is Hard To Start

All vehicles will have a hard time starting after prolonged use. When you notice that your vehicle is having a hard time starting and staying on, then it is a good indicator that you need to take it to the mechanic soon.

9. You Find Yourself Spending A Lot of Money On Gas

There are many reasons why your vehicle consumes more fuel than usual. If you notice that you’re using more fuel than usual, it is a good indicator that your vehicle needs servicing.

10. The Vehicle Has A Leak

The last thing that you want is to drive a vehicle with a leak. If your vehicle is leaking in some area, you should inspect the area carefully. Most leaks are not a serious problem, but you may want to have the area checked out by a mechanic.


All vehicles will malfunction when the vehicle is not in good condition. So, if you notice that your vehicle is having a hard time starting, shaking, leaking, making weird noises, or any other worrying signs, it is a good sign that you need to take your vehicle to a mechanic right away. Just be sure to send your vehicle to a reputable repair shop such as your dealer, to get your car fixed the right way!

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