Education for Insurers

Educational Seminars for Insurance Brokers

At Brimell Toyota’s Paint & Collision Centre in Scarborough, Ontario, we have put together a comprehensive list of courses that are industry-specific to help insurance brokers and agents understand the complexities of today’s auto collision repair industry.

Course Listing

  • The Impact of Distracted Drivers on Insurance
  • The Impact of Alternative Powered Vehicles on Insurance
  • Collision Repair for Insurers
  • Sticking to Safety: The Value of Adhesives in Window Safety
  • Salvage Parts Usage
  • Auto Theft and Fraud for Insurers
  • Ethics at Work: Sharpening Our Professional Judgement
  • Total Loss Evaluation for Insurers
  • Star Quality Customer Service for Insurance Agents
  • Satisfying Insured’s Claims with Waterborne Paints
  • Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario

All of our courses are free of charge to employees of our insurance partners and you can also qualify for RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario) credits. Contact us to receive email invitations for our upcoming classes! If you would like to arrange a private class for your insurance branch staff to attend together, please contact Sheryl at