Collision Repair Process

The 10 Step Collision Repair Process

At Brimell Toyota Paint and Collision Centre in Scarborough, Ontario, our certified auto body technicians have gotten car repairs down to a science. This highly regulated 10-step process is what we use for every single car, truck, van, or SUV that comes in for accident repairs, regardless of brand.

A trained estimator spends at least 20 minutes looking over your vehicle to get an accurate damage assessment. It may also be necessary to have body panels removed and then later reinstalled to check for any repair further work below the sheet metal and bumpers.

If you’re going through your insurance company for the collision work, our repair planners will finalize the damage estimate and send it off to your broker for you.

After dropping off your car at the shop, our technicians will remove and take apart all damaged components in order to identify which parts need to be ordered from the supplier.

When the manufacturer-approved parts arrive from our wholesaler, we mirror-match them to ensure that they will fit and align perfectly on your vehicle.

If necessary, your car’s frame and/or chassis will be repaired and aligned to the manufacturer’s specifications using high quality computer-based tools.

This is the most important step in laying the foundation for a seamless factory appearance. All parts are checked for fit and the body is repaired, sanded, and smoothed to a perfect uniformity.

Using environmentally friendly waterborne paints that match exactly to your car’s paint code, we apply a basecoat and multiple layers of clear coat for a thick depth of gloss.

After the paint has fully cured, we reinstall all remaining body panels and trim pieces. Our technicians also go through a checklist and ensure that all system sensors are reset to normal.

Now our professional detailers spend the time to give your car a thorough inspection in and out. We also perform a wet sanding and a power polish (when necessary) to ensure a perfect paint finish with zero imperfections. A production coordinator will sign off for final approval, too.

Time to pick up your vehicle! One of our staff will go over the repair invoice and give you the chance to look over your car so that it meets your high expectations.