Accident Checklist

What to Do in the Event of an Accident

Auto collisions can be frightening and traumatic. They’re an often unavoidable chance event that’s not very much fun for anyone involved. However, you can make it much more bearable by following our quick list of what-to-dos and what-not-to-dos.

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  • Bring your car to a stop and shut off the ignition
  • Dial 911 if there are any injuries requiring emergency care
  • Switch on the hazard lights
  • Exchange names, addresses, phone numbers, and insurance details with the other driver(s) involved
  • Use a phone to take pictures of the damaged cars, property, and the scene as a whole
  • Jot down names, address, and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • Head to your nearest police station to file an Accident Report within the next 24 hours
  • Contact your auto insurance company right away


  • Move someone that is seriously injured unless it is absolutely necessary
  • Talk about who was at fault and other circumstances surrounding the cause of crash
  • Start and drive your car if it seems unsafe to do so
  • Sign any documents from towing companies, auto body shops, or insurance outfits that you don’t completely understand

Know Your Rights

If your vehicle has been involved in a collision you have the right to choose where to have your vehicle repaired. Be sure you choose the experts at Brimell Paint & Collision Center to repair and restore your vehicle.